Website Trends in 2013 Part II

The Web Industry

Freelance, freelance, freelance.

After our historic financial crisis the last couple years, one thing is evident. They way we work is changing for the long-haul. The advent of social applications in to work applications has provided more people the means to collaborate on projects. It used to be that freelancing was microscopic portion of the global workforce. Now freelance has grown to be a credible means to earn a living from anywhere with an internet connection.

skype-google-odesk-togglThe combinations of remote collaboration technology like Skype, Google+, or GoToMeeting have provided companies to do more with less. Freelancing is the perfect vehicle for web designers and development firms or individuals. Be prepared to see more and more people being able to use these online tools like Toggl, oDesk, and Google Documents to take the leap and freelance.

This will require multi-skilled professionals that can learn on the go as well as work with others who will need a short learning curve to that specific project or industry. This will require more people to have solid understanding of a few key areas in web design.

More people will be designers that can program and programmers that can design. Most will get a foundation in HTML and CSS. They must also grasp web copywriting. Some people like to write copy and design at the same time to be more efficient. Developers will need to know the basics of layout, user experience and design to work well with clients and collaborators. The disciplines will also create a new challenge with working with different styles across multiple cultures and languages.


The 2013 trends show that there will be a larger visual focus which includes multimedia content. Writing will always be important but it is never going to be as stimulating as visual channels.

Advertisers in a recent poll according to Altimeter suggested they will spend more on video, social media, and blogging in 2013. They also stated the will spend less in digital press and both print and television advertising. As stated in their blog from Altimeter Group analyst, Rebecca Lieb:

“One of the most critical trends we’ll see next year is increasing emphasis on visual and multimedia content,” Lieb said. “Writing will always be an important skill, and, as a longtime journalist, one I have a bias towards. But smart writers who want to be really successful in content marketing will take the time to expand their skill sets and technology prowess into more visual channels, or at least enhance their writing with a sharper visual sensibility.”

Content Is King

With the huge shift by Google to reward great content there is going to be a larger push to protect intellectual property because its value is going to increase. Shafqat Islam, a co-founder and CEO at NewsCred, states for Mashable:

While marketers have gotten some practice purchasing stock images or using photos with a creative commons licenses, content distribution is new territory,” Islam wrote. “Although navigating copyright is a mystery to many marketers, the proliferation of content marketing means that they need to get smart quickly.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Freelance work will be higher in demand and it will be more valued by its customers for marketers and publishers. This should provide for more opportunity to better clients that understand your works value. Material will need to be more sophisticated and specialized which will bode well for adaptable writers, videographers, and info-graphic designers. You’ll still have to put in the work for it but it will be worth it. Either way you look at it 2013 is to be a great year for freelance workers in all web platforms.

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