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In June Google I/O Sr. VP of Social Business, Vic Gundotra, announced Google+ Events. Google Calendar is already a widely used and shared feature among users and it was rumored a few weeks before that they would integrate an events feature. This would allow users to respond ‘yes’ to an event which would then show the event in their calendar.

In addition to integrating Google+ Events into the Google Calendar, users have the option of “themeing” events. For the guide on Google+ Events click here. Users can choose specific themes, or cinegraphs, that were custom-built by Google for events. That cinegraph translates to the invitation, event page, as well as the Google Calendar.

The event page will also let users post older photos/videos or post real-time “party mode” photos from your smart phone that posts to the event page. This allows the event page to act as a gallery for everyone who actually attended the event. All photos are shown in chronological order, offering a timeline of sorts as well as displaying photos categorized by photographer and popularity of them (+1’s). This could serve as a rolling slideshow for the party on a big screen or other display. Much like how conferences will have a Twitter ticker for events to live tweet the event’s conversation. For those invites that couldn’t make it they can view the event publicly in real-time as long as the event is “On Air”.

If you aren’t using a Google+ on your Android device, you will get a post event email reminding you to upload your photos. Everyone will have their own folder and can add pictures easily which will all be sorted chronologically as well as facetagged.
Google used its new feature at the I/O after party to test results of the new program. The next day during a keynote, Vic Gundotra confirmed that Google+ Event was a success with over 2,367 of the 6,000 I/O attendees checking in using Google+. The event was “On Air” which made it public to view the 13,345 photos taken mostly of Train and Paul Oakenfold performing.

This new feature is a great way of integrating the popular Google Calendar with the mobile experience and making Google+ more useful for users. I particularly like the fact the themes will translate across the board to the event, calendar, and invitation to provide a better visual experience for the user.

And to add to the tug-of-war of innovations between Facebook and Google, you’ll notice Facebook just revamped their events page that finally includes a calendar view as well as chronological view. Here is an article detailing the changes. Facebook still lacks the cohesiveness of Google+ shared event with “party mode” and “on air” functions for users. For now Google+ wins this one.

Companies at events like trade shows will want to make use of this feature. Follow this blog to keep your marketing up to date!

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