Why Redesign Your Website?

Should you redesign your website? If you’re looking for a way to get more traffic and capture better quality leads, the answer may be yes. In fact, nearly 70 percent of marketers recommend redesigning at least every one-to-three years.
A redesign gives you the chance to optimize for organic search traffic and lead generation and add tools like blogs, webcasts, and social networking that improve customer engagement. All of these changes can translate into more customers and higher revenues for your company.
If you’re still not convinced that it’s time to make a change, check out this infographic for some solid numbers about the benefits of redesign:


Reasons To Redesign Your Website - Infographic



When you consider that websites with blogs get 55 percent more traffic or that 62 percent of search users click on a link on the first page of results, you can see why making your site SEO and user-friendly is so important. Getting your website design right can literally make or break your online business.

Tools like social media, blogs, podcasting, and webinars are becoming increasingly important for marketing purposes. An amazing 75 percent of purchasing decisions are at least partly based on emotion, so companies that do a better job of interacting and building relationships with their customers are generally the ones that become the most successful. In fact, these tools are important even in the B2B world, as evidenced by the fact that nearly half of B2B marketers have begun to use these tactics to increase brand exposure and develop new partnerships.

Companies cannot rely solely on paid marketing tactics, either. Less than a fourth of searchers click on PPC links, and fully 77 percent of search users actively prefer organic search results. If searchers do not find what they want on the first page, nearly half will either refine their search or try a different search engine. These numbers emphasize the importance of using site design strategies that are good for SEO.
If your current website has problems in any of these areas, you may want to consider implementing a redesign.

Take social media, brand awareness, and SEO web design seriously in order to propel your business to new heights.

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