5 Ways Twitter Can Help Gain Your Dental Practice More Exposure

The following guest post was written by a dental service provider, but we believe these tips will be helpful to all small businesses.

Twitter and other forms of social media are designed to connect people. If you’re a business owner or, in this case, run your own dentistry, then you can use these outlets as a way to market yourself. A dentist office is a business, after all, and attracting new patients, filling the practice, and having a steady workflow is what it’s all about.

Twitter is an outlet that is designed for up-to-the-minute updates that are quick, succinct, and easy to read. It’s simple to use and if used effectively, can attract new patients and help your practice gain more exposure.

Here are five ways in which you can use Twitter to enhance your publicity.

1. Link it to your Facebook page – If you have already established a solid following on your Facebook page, take it to the next level by starting Twitter updates. Link these to your Facebook page and use them in tandem to increase exposure. But be careful not to overwhelm your friends and followers. Nothing is a bigger social media turn off than information flooding.

2. Add the ‘Follow Me’ link – This is the essential link to your Twitter account and it should be on every bit of Web space you occupy. The goal is to add followers to your Twitter account and a great way to bring in new patients and clients is by adding this link. By updating your Twitter account regularly with interesting facts about the practice you gain exposure to an entirely new group of potential clients merely by being present in all forms of social media possible.

3. Stay in your niche – One of the easiest ways to lose followers is to be random. Don’t fill your Facebook page or your Tweets with irrelevant material.
This is a dentist’s office so Tweet interesting dental facts, schedule changes, holiday hours and relevant information. Potential clients want to make sure you’re on your game and by being organized and Tweeting relevant, up-to-date information is a great way to sell yourself.

 4. Offer dental advice – A proven way to drive traffic to your Twitter feed is to offer free dental advice or by adding something like a ‘Tip of the Day’ to inform your patients. Establishing and maintaining a virtual dialogue with your existing patients can lead to more by showing that you’re involved and that you care.

5. Keep it simple – One of the great things about Twitter is that you can’t really get carried away because of the character limit. Use it to advertise services and offer giveaways, like goodie bags or a free check-up.

The key to a successful Twitter feed is simplicity and targeted marketing. This is for a dental practice so keep it about dentistry. And integrate all parts of your Web space; everything should be connected (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) to link back to the main Web site.

By having and maintaining a strong Web presence, you can effectively and efficiently increase your exposure and build your practice.


Image Credits: FloatingLemons / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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