What Can TV Shows Teach Us About Social Media?

Recently on EricWagner.org we talked about how people are now multi-tasking by using social media and watching TV.  But what can TV actually teach us about social media?

The Big Bang Theory

One top TV show is The Big Bang Theory.  The actual definition of the real big bang theory is that the universe originated approximately 20 billion years ago from a violent explosion.  Over the past five years, social media and the importance of social media marketing have exploded as well.  Businesses can no longer just ignore social media and must take social media marketing seriously.  Social media is becoming the way people communicate.  Five years ago we might have relied on E-mail and phone calls.  Now people rely on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and text messaging.


2011 brought the last and final season of Lost to TV.  Lost might be the word that still describes many businesses and people in general when it comes to social media.  Even though businesses may know that social media and online marketing are important, how to actually translate this into sales and an online marketing strategy seems to be a mystery.  There are very qualified online marketing specialists and we would be happy to help, so please contact us.  For those businesses that feel they cannot afford online marketing help, keep in mind that social media marketing is a conversation with your customers.  Be prepared to have a two-sided conversation and respond to customer comments.  Always be looking for content and think outside the box with pictures and links to other content across the Internet that pertains to your business.

Vampire Shows

Vampire shows like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries continue to be popular.  So what can we learn from these TV shows concerning social media?  Not using social media can suck the life out of your businesses marketing plan.  Sure, traditional marketing avenues still have some validity, like newspapers, radio, and billboards.  But, if traditional marketing is not paired with online marketing avenues, than your business can be really missing a critical marketing opportunity.

Gossip Girl

What about the correlation between the popular show Gossip Girl and social media?  Well, some businesses that have ventured into the online marketing world have been discouraged when a customer says something through social media that is less than flattering about their business.  Sure social media outlets like Facebook can be a platform for gossip, but if you know how to use these online conversations, than your business can use gossip to your advantage.  If something you read about your business in social media isn’t flattering, it is still better that you know this information.   Your customers are probably already telling their friends about a problem that they had about their business, so the conversation in probably happening, even if they didn’t post it on Facebook.  When the customer posts their comment on social media, it is your chance to respond positively to the situation.  A proactive response can often go further than a negative experience.

Increase your Online Marketing exposure in 2012 with the above tips and contact us if you need assistance.

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