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Google announced the addition of Gmail inbox content to Google’s search results back in August. This feature is permission-based and it was a limited trial where you could sign up to get info from your Gmail on the main Google search box. For those who use their Gmail account extensively for information, this will help them find answers easily instead of filtering through their Gmail search function. Google’s Amit Signhal stated then: “We’re working on some even more useful features. For example, if you search for [my flights] we will organize flight confirmation emails for any upcoming trips in a beautifully easy-to-read way, right on the search results page.” This news should bode well for marketing efforts, making email marketing even more effective.

Google was letting people sign up for the field trial. The first million people that signed up for use the service provided an excellent feedback which led the search giant to expand the trial.

Searching on Gmail inbox will now reveal instant results of your Google Inbox, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and more.

The photos above are examples of results that will appear using Gmail content searching using the Google Search bar.

Google mentions the use of searching Gmail content with Gmail contacts, email text, and flights as content that would benefit this addition. There will be more niche examples of searches that will benefit from it as the trial continues.

Now let’s rewind a moment back to July when Google consolidated its privacy policies into one main policy that canvases all Google products. This new upgraded policy allows Google to use data from one product across its other products. For example Google can integrate your data from YouTube searches, Gmail content, and Google+ circles into Google Search results to provide you with the best results tailored to your tendencies.

One of the biggest draws to Gmail back in 2004 was that users had a ridiculous amount of storage capacity. Without having to delete emails this content can pile up quickly. With this content comes with information about your job, interests, shopping habits, or travel. Google has been damming up this content just so they could use it in the future to personalize search for you and provide email marketers a better avenue for marketing.

Email campaigns are going to reach much more than Gmail users, but this won’t stop their competitors with similar features. Don’t be surprised if Bing incorporates a version with their new service.

Gmail has a 400 million active user base, the majority of which use Google Search. Most likely Google will expand beyond the trial periods and onto other users. This will add value to all those old E-mails you haven’t seen for years, possibly make the emails more valuable, and the same E-mails more comprehensive when they are added to follow up information gleaned from them.

To learn more about using Google and Gmail services to enhance your email marketing practices feel free to contact Eric Wagner Marketing.

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