Guest Post Guidelines

A guest post is a great way to share valuable information with a website’s audience while becoming recognized as an author and expert. Perhaps you want to post an article simply to help yourself formulate your own ideas and theories more clearly. Either way, in order to keep posts valuable to readers, please adhere to the following guidelines.

• Your submitted post must be original – never been published before on the Internet or in print. Try to be innovative – no one wants to read what they already have read 20 times before.
• You agree to not publish the post anywhere else (i.e., in your own blog or as a guest post in other blogs) and give full ownership to
• Images are great – they can catch a reader’s attention or help them visualize a theory. However, any images included in your post must either: 1.) belong to you (not stolen off the internet) and by including it in your post you transfer its ownership to, or 2.) be properly attributed and credited.
• Don’t include affiliate links in your article.
• Link to relevant content on when appropriate. If you need to mention a topic beyond the scope of your article, and doesn’t contain the explanatory content, please link to a relevant, authoritative article on the internet. Don’t assume your readers know everything you do.
• Please include your name, a short, once sentence bio, and a link to your website (optional). For example: “Eric Wagner, an online marketing expert from, enjoys dirt biking and spending his free time with family and friends.” This will be placed at the bottom of your post.
• Don’t use SEOd anchor text for your bio link.
• Including spammy links in the content, or very artificial links to your website when you’re not linking to any other resources is a quick way to have your guest post rejected.

Although I may modify or edit your post, it is much more likely that I’ll just send it back to you for any revisions that may need to be made. My number one priority is providing value to the readers – please try to keep that in mind..

After your guest post has been published, promote it! Let your friends know, post a link on your Facebook, Twitter, or your personal website, and share it with the world. (I will promote it as well.)

To submit a guest post for my consideration, use the Contact page.

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