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Google is delving deeper into the mobile platform with a new product. They just launched Google Analytics App for Android phones. This app allows users to access the same accounts and profiles in Analytics as users can on a desktop. Best of all, you’ll see reports that are optimized for your phone.

When navigating through reports you’ll see them in:

Real-Time – You can view the number of visitors you currently have and a list of pages (websites) or screens (apps) that are most popular.

Dashboard – You can monitor KPI’s and user metrics you care about the most. You’ll see Daily Unique Visitors and Goal Conversion Rates by default. You do have the option of customizing the dashboard to change reports, metrics, or segments you view.

Automatic and Customized Alerts – Analytics detects statistical anomalies in your data and can send you an alert when something unusual happens. You can choose between automatic alerts or customize settings to send alerts based on your own benchmarks.

Screenshot: The Dashboard

The Google Analytics alerts would come in handy if you were one of the few sites that got hit by Google Penguin algorithm update or the ongoing Panda algorithm changes. Because it alerts you when analytic anomalies occur you would have found out right away.

You can access Custom Alerts from the Assets area and then click the Create new alert button. Creating a custom alert is like setting up a dashboard widget or custom report.

– Choose name and time period for the alert
– Choose your segment condition for monitoring the metric
– Choose the metric to be measured and range of deviation (threshold)

It may sound complex, but it’s pretty simple. Say if you wanted to be warned of traffic dropping, you set the name to (Traffic Crash) and time (Day), select traffic source to any source that contains Google, and then set your alert based on the visits decreasing by a certain percentage.

Set you threshold limits by something that is within your normal range of highs and lows. Possibly shoot for a 50-60% drop in visits from Google compared to the previous day. Be cautious if your traffic is seasonal and adjust accordingly by choosing “same day in previous week” or “same day in previous year.”

The possibilities are vast where you can set criteria that include all report categories, including custom variables. You can even use Custom Advanced Segments you have created. You can use alerts for more than negative items like track sales goals, high sales days, show high up-ticks in traffic, visualize new markets with high traffic alert for particular region, city, or country.

When you are notified by an alert you simple tap the alert and it goes right to your Google Analytics mobile app.

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