How to make your Facebook marketing
more fun and engaging

Facebook continues to be an important tool for business. But just having a business brand page isn’t enough; it’s also important for a business to engage followers and provide interesting content. Here are some best practices for making your Facebook page more fun and engaging:

Run a Contest

One of the most used ways to engage followers is to run a contest. Contests tend to increase a pages “fun” factor and drive interest to the page. It is important, however, that the contest be set up with a good user experience in mind. This means selecting a prize that will get your fans excited to complete the contest, designing a contest mechanism that is easy to use, and stating the rules to the contest clearly. Successful contests also need to be promoted, a lot.

Know your Audience

Conversions are the key to a good business web strategy and are equally important to a strong business Facebook strategy. Get to know who your Facebook fans truly are. You have already gotten them to “like” your business page; what would you like them to do next? Do you want them to subscribe to your blog? Do you want your Facebook fans to buy a product? Do you want your followers to refer their friends to your business? Decide what you want to accomplish with your Facebook page and then use your Facebook Admin panel insights to find out how many people are performing that action on your page.

Make a Game

Some might think that the obvious way to make your page more fun is to build a game. This can be a good avenue for helping your followers to be more engaged, but proceed with caution on this approach. Logistically, a game might be hard or expensive for the average business to pull off. Often game developers will need to be involved and getting a good developer will cost you some money. However, it is important to engage the help of a development company and not try to take on this endeavor yourself.

Another drawback is that interest in games can die out quickly. Initially, a game might bring renewed interest to your business page, but as with everything new or trendy, that interest can disappear in a month or two (or even more quickly).

Be Creative

As stated above, making an actual game might not be the best way to make your page more fun. So, why not be creative? Design a challenge that feels like a game. Tie actions together across common denominators that eventually lead to a prize or data. Here is a good example of this creative approach.

WeTopia is an online, Facebook game that allows players to connect with friends, build their virtual city, and spend a unique form of currency called “Joy” that spreads real-world aid to various non-profits around the world. Sojo Studios, a new social enterprise founded by Lincoln Brown, created WeTopia as a way to get everyday people involved with and enjoying acts of philanthropy.

So, get out there, think outside the box and find ways to make your Facebook business page more engaging. Remember, it’s easy to have a page, but the true challenge is making your followers want to come back, share your information, and support your business long term.

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more fun and engaging

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