Best 6 Free Tools for Creating Great Infographics on Web

The web has seen a rapid change since the last few years and that’s the reason why the habit of the web surfers also changed a lot. The internet users browsing on various websites do no longer find interesting to search and pick up needed information. Nowadays the viewers are showing great interest in infographics, where the information are presented in a much better way; also they can be scanned and remembered quite easily.

An Infographic is a visual representation of some exciting and straight forward data or information that are being displayed accurately. Use of infographics draws attention to a higher number of visitors and help them a lot in capturing the important part of the entire information. Therefore, it is suggested that it’s better for you to use an infographic design in your website, blog site, presentation and documents.

Following are the 6 best tools that have been developed to create and generate infographics and come completely for free. All these tools work quite well and are quite easy to work with. You can use one or more of these tools, depending on your requirements.

This tool is growing rapidly towards becoming one of the best infographic websites and the most proficient tool that helps you create and share infographics. Although this tool is comparatively new in the market, it already incorporates around 11 thousand infographics. The site comprises three components, which are: store for public information and data, a search engine, and a web based platform to create infographics. allows the users to create Facebook Monster using their Facebook profiles. They are even allowed to design infographics in their Twitter pages using the Twitter tool offered by


This is an online chart maker tool, which is extremely simple and has a user friendly interface. This can be used to develop and design diagrams, scatter plots and other charts which are off different types on the basis of the data and the information entered by you. This tool provides options such as selecting title, background and the data points of the diagram that you have developed. Hohli can be used to develop infographics which are just great for data comparison, presentation or description of a process.
It is very easy to use and you just need to select the type of chart, insert data and add some twists to the variables such as colors and sizes to bring an excellent effect.


Wordle is known as a ‘toy’ that helps create word clouds. Apart from that, this tool also helps in developing beautiful infographic design. Wordle is one of the most popular tools that helps the designers play with the words. With the help of Wordle we can create an outstanding design in order to materialize our stream of thoughts in a much better way than using simple words.


Though this tool is an IBM Research tool, it’s available as a freeware web application. It is one of the most powerful resource that helps you develop infographics based on any existing or public data. The app enables you to browse through existing data, or upload your own; based on these you can develop in a few seconds some beautiful visualizations. Various structured data, such as spreadsheets, can be easily used by just pasting it in.

Stat Planet

This tool has been developed especially to design interactive maps which can be customized according to the requirements and purposes. You can easily add more interactive graphs and chart to the maps if it is required in future. This websites collects and stores statistics of the world and helps you develop infographics based on these.


Creately is a complete web based diagram service which enables the development of professional infographics, though you have to pay for the service ultimately. But the trial version is available for free and is worth the try. This tool can be used to create story boards, flow charts, sitemaps and various types of diagrams.

Most of web surfers are fond of visual information and data has become quite important these days, consequently the use of an infographic design is compulsory to please them and meet their demand.

While using infographics you should keep in mind that the design should have a natural look; excessive amount of information in a single graph can be too clumsy. Therefore, we suggest you make a plan before starting your design!

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